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BEN DOLPHIN  -  TV Commercials



tabletop & live action






Based in NYC, New York, USA


Ben’s work combines art, science and advertising. A native New Yorker, he is an elite commercial tabletop and live action director/cinematographer, creating TV commercials on five continents. World renown as a High Speed/Slow Motion Director/Cinematographer he loves shooting liquids, cosmetics, food, fashion, beauty, gold & diamond jewelry and pharmaceuticals for you. Hes not a prima donna working in a vacuum, intense and committed, he understands that everything is teamwork and collaboration.


I love my work and love collaborating with agency creatives to surpass creative and budgetary expectations. Its not just a job for me, its my life! Beautiful product shots are not enough, you need to create art. Contact him to see his “Specialty Reels” of beer TV commercials, beauty tabletop commercials, bottled water commercials, food TV commercials, either a highlight reel or full up spots! He also shoots PRINT, contact him to see his NEW PRINT Portfolio.


Ben Dolphin is a Phantom Camera Master. He has shot hundreds of TV Commercials as a director/cinematographer with Phantom Cameras since 2004, longer than anyone else! Before 2004 Ben was a recognized High Speed Director/Cinematographer, shooting High Speed with 35mm Photosonics film cameras.


Expert with all effects driven visuals, he is an accomplished CGI director, adept at leading a post production team to blend live action and post EFX. His work demonstrates a consistently high level of quality and depth of experience filming liquids very, very few can rival. He choreographs liquids for the camera. “Subtle and intricate interactions between camera, talent, product and richly textured lighting, create alluring, exciting and unforgettable branding.”


Ben’s work has won 2 Emmys, an Addy and a silver AD&D award. His work is characterized by a powerful and refined sense of energy and design in movement. A Choreographer, his dance background influences his commercial work.


Dolphin embraces emerging technologies, seamlessly integrating film techniques and visual effects to create effective and memorable campaigns. He often combines the Phantom Flex 4K Camera and BOLT high speed motion control system with advanced rigging and production “tricks” to create state of the art images. Dolphin, a certified Steadicam operator also shoots 3D live action television commercials and is 3D certified by Sony and Panasonic.


As a dancer he was part of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and Twyla Tharp Dance Companies and his performing background gives him the experience to elicit authentic performances from live action talent, both professional and “real people.” An uncommon talent, he is a tabletop and live action director/cinematographer/choreographer.


Ben also directs documentaries and Directs, Shoots and Choreographs dance films that have been featured in the Lincoln Center Dance On Camera Festival, The New Museum Of Contemporary Art In NYC and many international film festivals, most recently in NY, LA, London, Denmark and Barcelona.


He founded New York commercial production company Ben Dolphin Productions in 2008 to serve the US market and regularly directs and produces national and international campaigns featuring live action and tabletop. 


Resourceful and intuitive, capable of solving many problems on set, his television commercials demonstrate a high level of artistry and execution. Dolphin is very serious about his work which he is committed to also being BOLD, BEAUTIFUL AND FUN!


He taught master classes in Choreography For Camera @ NYU School Of The Arts for 14 years, creating this course for choreographers to understand how to film dance.


A list of international brands include L’Oreal, Tropicana, Heineken, Miller, Budweiser, Asahi, Olay, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Kraft, Dove, Tylenol, Stella Artois, Aquafina, Brita, MTV, Coca Cola, Buchanan’s, Lipton, Pepsi and Firestone.


“Teamwork is everything.”

"I create beauty and excitement… transforming the familiar, into the MIRACULOUS.”


N E W S    F O L L O W S


B e n    R e c e n t l y    D i r e c t e d:



Milpa Real

Buchanan’s Scotch



Coca Cola

Asahi Beer


White Lion Beer



Partnered With Havas To Win New Bausch & Lomb Business!



Creative Partnership Production Post Production


Ben Dolphin-Table Top & Live Action

Director/Cinematographer/Choreographer & Print


State Of The Art Techniques-Cutting Edge Tabletop


H I G H S P E E D / S L O W M O T I O N I M A G E C A P T U R E

(Industry Recognized Phantom Camera Master)


Ben is a Liquid Specialist:

Expert In Filming With Phantom Cameras& All State Of The Art Digital Cameras,

High Speed Liquids, Super Slow Motion Liquids, Beautiful Liquids, Beer, Wine,

Water,Juice, Whiskey, Vodka, Cosmetics, Chocolate, Cream, Milk, Tea, Oceans,

Rivers,Waves, Splashes, Waterfalls, Wine, Yogurt, Liquid Soap, Soft Drinks, Soup,

Vodka, Underwater Live Action, Dancers In Water, Gold And Diamonds, Fire, Food,

Pharmaceuticals, Beautiful Women In Action, Dance and Yoga


Stereoscopic 3D - Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality

Please Ask To See His Current 3D TV Commercial Reel!



Phantom 4K Flex High Speed Digital Camera

Revolution Lens, T-Rex Lens

Leica Summicron Prime Lenses



Motion Control-Traditional & High Speed/Bolt

Certified Steadicam Operator

Design And Execution Of Highly Specialized Liquid & Product Rigs







O U R    V I S U A L    L A B O R A T O R Y / S T A G E



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Ben IS THAT RARE DIRECTOR able to direct Table Top & LIVE ACTION, he has extensive performing experience on stage and in films, recently performing @ Lincoln Center, NYC in “Table of Silence.”


Ben’s Dance Film “ARISING” premiered @ Lincoln Center Dance on Camera Festival-NYC & New Museum of Contemporary Art-NYC




Are OFFICIAL SELECTIONS @ InShort international Festival, WilliFest International Festival, Los Angeles International CINE FEST, KIWI International Film Festival, Barcelona International film Festival *Underwater in 3D


I M A G E S    F R O M    B E N’S S H O O T S: