Dear Ben, Bravo!!!
I have to say we felt like superstars today.
Thank you for your unending dedication, love and passion.   
That's truly what greatness is made of. I'm so proud to be a part of this DOVE campaign.
I have personally learned so much in the process - not just about 3D but about trust and collaboration.
Jackie Leak
Creative Director
Ogilvy & Mather, USA  




Thank you very much for your talent, vision, know-how and the experience you brought to the table. (DECADENT DELIGHTS) We're very happy with the result, and we thoroughly enjoyed the process. It was a joy to work with you. Be well, and I hope we work together again soon.


John Gilbert 

Group Creative Director – quench agency-usa



Ben, thank you very much for all of your help. The photography is stunning. I never thought that it would turn out this beautiful. 

Thanks for everything. I'd definitely love to work with you again. Take care  and best of luck with all of the things that you do. We'll talk soon. 


- D

 David Spink, Creative Director– quench agency



Good Morning Ben. 

Both the internal team & client, are super excited about these spots. We were all WOW'd by your photography and definitely look forward to working with you again.


We'll keep you mind for any future projects.

You are a master of your craft, thank you for bringing those talents to the screen!




Matt Campbell, Producer – quench agency


Hey Ben, Marvelous!
Just got home after another evening of looking for the truth. You my friend are indeed a legend, 
thank you so much for looking after our pictures with such poise & humility. :)  
I very much appreciated your work on our MINUTE MAID spot! Safe travels, see you on the next one,  
Gordon Westman 
Executive Producer 
116 Productions, VN   

Dear Ben, THANK YOU!  
It’s been a great experience working with you on our TROPICANA Shoot.   
Personally, I’m fascinated with liquids, so I’m very happy to meet you, 
we have the same respect and passion for this incredible state of matter. 
Thank you for sharing your latest discoveries with me so I can be inspired!   
I enjoyed working with you as did my team and client.  We’re very proud of what we achieved together and 
we look forward to more collaboration with you in the future. Take care and see you soon.  
All the best, 
Margaret Wu 
Saatchi & Saatchi, Shanghai 

Hi Ben,  
Thank you from the bottom of my toes for your great work directing the ASAHI beer campaign!  
I really had a great time these pasts few weeks, especially since you landed here. 
 We're already planning how to snag the next Asahi job, which could be as early as this summer.   
Again, thanks for a great job and looking forward to the next one.  
My Best, 
Garet Gluck 
Executive Producer 
Protean Image Group, USA, China 

Hello, Ben.   
Just wanted you to know our BUCHANAN´S Whiskey Spots are doing great in sales!       
Many people told me the spots look amazing and asked me who the director was, 
so I know we will be shooting again in no time.   We definitely have to get together soon!       
Abrazo grande y gracias por la experiencia.   
Mauricio Olivera
Creative Director 
Iris Agency, Mexico 

Dear Ben, 
The clients were blown away! They were ignited, excited and ready to break new ground!  
They were kind. They were gracious. They were inspired.  And so, we are so grateful 
to have had you as our partner on the journey. 
There is already talk of more, Bravo!  
Will arrange a screening of DOVE for the creative dept. soon!!  
Lynn Roer 
Sr. Partner Broadcast Producer
Ogilvy & Mather, USA 

Dear Ben,
After the work, we did together on HEINEKEN and BOCHKAREV our "collaborative work" (as you say) 
has been able to move the Heineken brand to higher level.  The results clearly display a very high degree of quality and passion. 
I'm more than pleased with that (and I am not the only one here in Russia and in Amsterdam). 
Just would like to tell you that working with a person like you is pure pleasure. 
To be honest, I do not know what more to say.  I wish you the very best. 
I am sure that we will see each other again.  
Best regards,
Laurent Theodore 
Marketing Manager Heineken International 

Ben Dolphin was amazing in a truly demanding situation.
It was a pleasure watching him work with Fizz City's "A" team producers and crew to go above and beyond 
for the COCA-COLA client. I know they will be very happy with results of our three days of shooting.  
Thanks to Ben, a true gentleman, and you for making it all happen on short notice. 
Dan Reichart 
Crawford Editorial, USA 

To Whom it may concern,
Not often am I willing or able to share my recommendations for a Director and Production Company with whom I work 
as easily as I bring Ben Dolphin and Ben Dolphin Productions to your attention. Ben is a problem solver and easy to work with.  
I know I can count on him to do his homework and be inspired on the set. 
Whether it is a foreign location on the beach with “Beauty Talent” conducting ”Real People” interviews or shooting TABLE TOP 
and Special Effects shots, he delivers for me fully.  
Truth is he really listens and I know he’s heard my needs and will support my creative efforts to come through for my client.
I trust his listening translates to providing me with more than the storyboard simply implies, but what I want to provide and create
for the BRAND.Not only does Ben give me what I want, his production team is reliable and resourceful, 
able to come through on large and small jobs alike. 
I fully recommend you avail yourself of his services while you can afford him…he is special, very hands on and no prima donna.  Ben has shot and directed several spots with me now over several years and we continue to work together. I know I can count on him to provide cutting edge creative and production and in today’s market that’s no easy feat.   
Phil Silvestri
Managing Director/Executive Creative Director 
HAVAS Worldwide  

Dear Ben San,  
Thank you very much for your great work on our ASAHI Shoot.  I was very impressed with your excellent work in Los Angeles.   This film is likely to be the most wonderful job in my life.  I would like to see you again soon.  
Best regards, 
Hideki Numai 
Creative Director 
Dentsu, Tokyo  

Dear Ben,  Fernando, our DOVE Client, and the team were in awe of your work.  It's the first time we've presented to the client and the compliments have not been followed with "but..."   
Thank you for blowing them away, making our lives easier and pouring your heart and soul into this project.    
They are genuinely really proud of this work.     
Melanie Forster                                                                                                                                                                    
Art Director                                                                                                                                                          
Ogilvy & Mather, USA  

Dear Ben,  
Thank you so much for everything you've done to help this agency win new business. Today our NICORETTE Minis Shoot ran brilliantly. Ben, you are a true master of your craft.  
I looked at an early WIP at the agency this afternoon...with just the morning talent. It's going to be fantastic!  
Thanks again for everything! And, that's a fantastic stage that we will utilize for future projects.  
You're a Prince!  
Very Best,  
Joe Guyt  
Head of Broadcast 

Dear Ben, 
I was so pleased to meet you and work together with you for our Client.  
Not only your director's view, but especially your choreographic experience helped us very much to make our SARMAT commercial ,
represent the BRAND CREDO 'full of freedom'.  
I hope we'll have a great number of incredible projects together in the future.  
Best regards,  
Yasno Agency, UA  

Dear Ben,  
It was a pleasure to work with you and your terrific production team at Ben Dolphin Productions directing the 3D DOVE project for Ogilvy & Mather. 
It is extremely gratifying to know that companies like Ben Dolphin Productions and Ogilvy & Mather recognize the value of 3D productions and the immersive experience it brings the viewer.  I personally would like to thank you and your team for your visionary approach to this medium and am excited to support companies like yours in order to continue to drive the technology forward. 
Our Panasonic 3D team is committed to offer you and your team the technical support that you may need for future projects. Please feel free to contact me whenever I can help you in any way.  
Don Lenihan 
National Sales Manager Eastern Region 
Panasonic Media & Production Services 

Dear Executive Producer,  
Digital Kitchen will be extremely excited to provide all Editorial and Design support to Director Ben Dolphin on any upcoming broadcast campaigns.   
Over the past several years Digital Kitchen has maintained a stellar relationship with Mr. Dolphin on multiple projects including Budweiser, the Sundance Film Festival, Tylenol, Aquafina and Blackcherry Vanilla Coke.   All of these commercials were photographed and executed with the highest level of professionalism by Mr. Dolphin.   
He is without question one of the industry’s best in the category of liquid photography. Likewise, Digital Kitchen is a highly renowned and award winning production company that specializes in groundbreaking editorial, design and CGI FX work.   
We have full confidence in this combination to produce your latest spots   
Kent Smith  
Executive Producer Digital Kitchen, USA